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Frequently Asked Questions
We try to find the best solution for each client. Even if it exceeds the service for which you hire us, we want to listen to you and solve the fundamental problems you face, starting from the ground up.

Research. Strategy. Design.

Our mission is to understand your business, your frustrations, your shortcomings and in general the things that need to be improved and to offer the right solution.

We encourage you to contact us for all the details about your project. You can contact us by e-mail, social media or using the contact form on the Contact page.

The time to complete the project depends on the complexity of the requirements.

The estimated development is divided into 2 phases:

– Content collection (lasting an average of 1-3 weeks)

– Work on the web project (which lasts on average 1-4 weeks)

The price of a website varies depending on the needs of the project. In order to find out your needs, we need to have a strategic talk to discuss how we can help and better understand the project so that our solution is as good as possible and implicitly the quote is as accurate as possible.

Yes. We are open to offer you flexible payment plans.

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